About the Gallery


The Gallery displays models of paintings originated from the artist's exclusive style; namely the imprint of motion and speed which are available for acquisition or request similar models.


Sculptures displayed in the gallery are also models of a huge series of artist Mattar's productions based on the concept of sustainability, continuity and consolidation of using the Arabic character.


The Gallery displays miniature models of artist Mattar Bin Lahej's works and these productions are considered complementary to the sculptural bundle that can be acquired and circulated with different sizes and shapes.


The Gallery enables the interested audience to acquire the artist's works by investing in the production and ownership of his thoughts and works in addition to providing an opportunity for financing the works to display them in special events.


The Gallery includes a number of souvenirs relevant to the artist's character and spirit and adapted from his paintings and sculptures, to be a special memorial acquired by our visitors.


Mattar Bin Lahej Gallery includes a specialized chamber for holding the limited-number courses, workshops, seminars, and private meetings. The chamber contains all the necessary needs required by such events and it is distinguished by a special location overlooking artist Mattar Bin Lahej's unique sculptural works space (open for audience).


Stemming from artist Mattar Bin Lahej's initiative to create an artistic Cafe in an artistic environmental, the Cafe is a special environment wrapped with an artistic impression and open to the public seven days a week. It is located in Gallery Mattar Bin Lahej's corner conveying the public to a space crowned with works of art spreading in the Gallery.