Mattar Bin Lahej the Artist

“ My work is the outcome of the environmental intersinc within myself and my mastry of the tools needed. It came about of long years of experience invested in research, training and acquaintance. What you see today in my portfolio is a sliver of my artistical (yield, production, origination) over my long artistical (stroke, trajectory). These artworks are reflectory imaged of trial that began small and turned into today to be my distinctive imprent that i put between your hands to be an artistic reference characterized by simplicity that convers with all. ”

Mattar Bin Lahej Gallery is an art space, in which the different works of the artist Mattar Bin Lahej are permanently displayed as an artistic legacy including, artworks, sculptures, and projects. This Gallery is considered the first of its kind in the UAE, in the presentation and the reference style, and in a deep-rooted heritage and modernity internal and external environment.

An Emirati artist and photographer with a peculiar fingerprint and culture in drawing and a pioneer in sculpture. He belongs to the second generation of Emirati artists and progressed in learning different types of art in the field of fine art individually and subjectively, through which he acquired his unique own style, characterized by using the concept of movement and visual surprise that wrapped all his art works. Then, it became his exclusive mark and character which reveals him to others through accelerated lines that enable the recipient to read his thoughts and issues without elaboration, so each one receives him in his own way without restricting his thought or concept, thus it touches the reality close to the individual, represented in a bunch of his own paintings, such as: Glories, Speed, Elevation, Soul and Body, ect.